Busting the Myths of a Call Center Job

A call center job requires you to do customer service tasks on a remote basis using latest technologies. This is broadly classified into inbound and outbound calls. In the former, calls are received and the latter involves making of calls. This kind of job can be home-based but most of them have an on-site location.

The business process outsourcing industry mostly caters solution to numerous service related sectors such as airlines, credit card companies, cellular service companies and cable and internet providers. Today, most popularly employed firms outsource their customer care services to a call center with the aim to save resources in terms of both time and labor. Although the customer care industry has a world-wide existence, India has been a destination of choice for many companies availing the BPO service.

In general, a BPO job involves working in a casual manner inside a professional set up. They are mostly centrally air-conditioned with a fine cafeteria serving all types of delicacies. There are also few call centers that boast of an in-house gym including other entertainment facilities for the employees as well. As a call center works 24-7, they are required to provide shuttle services to their employees.

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Scaling Your Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns

The Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League won the League’s championship on June 6 and with it the right to hold the Stanley Cup for the next year.

The Stanley Cup is the most storied trophy in professional sport in North America, dating to 1893. Unlike other trophies it’s permanent. That is, a new trophy is not made for each championship. It’s also the only trophy that is engraved with the names of the players and management from each championship team.

How do they manage that without making the trophy jinormous?

Well the trophy itself stays the same size; about three-feet tall and 35 pounds. It features a cup at the top with graduated bands or rings below that. Beneath those are five larger bands of the same size. Each of those bands has space for 13 championships. As they fill, the band at the top is removed and displayed at Hockey Hall of Fame and a new blank band is added to the bottom. Using this method, the Stanley Cup trophy could still be around for another 114 years. Even longer.

In short, the Stanley Cup is built to scale up.

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