Tax Deductions For Your Job Search

With so many Americans out of work or looking for a better job to make it these days, it’s important to note that some job search costs are tax deductible. In the IRS Publication 529, there is an entire section devoted to “Job Search Expenses”.  Even if your job search doesn’t yield results, you can still claim the expenses on your taxes.

As with most things in life, there is a catch.  The IRS has three major exclusions – so don’t go saving all those receipts quite yet. 

1.    You must be looking for a job in your current occupation.  If you are looking to shift careers you will not be able to deduct your expenses.

2.    Another deal breaker – if it’s there has been a “substantial” break since the end of your last job and the current search.  The IRS doesn’t define substantial, so be sure to check out this detail with a tax advisor.

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Jobs Every Mother Does for Free!

A mother has many jobs and all of them are unpaid. Imagine if the job were actually paid for by the government, I wonder how much they would earn. In this article I will look at all of the jobs they do and add up the salary for each.

First off a mother had to cook to keep her brood alive. She will have to cook on average 7 hours a week which works out at 364 hours a year. A chef with between 1-4 years experience earns on average £9.00 an hour so that works out at £3,276.00.

Kids make a mess and there is only one person who cleans up after them, the mum! If a mother cleans up on average 3 hours a day that is 1092 hours a year. So if the average cleaner earns £7.00 an hour that means the amount is £7,600.00.

Mums are unpaid nurses and on average spend about 30 hours a year (minimum) putting plasters on cuts, treating colds and waiting in Accident and Emergencies departments in hospitals. Putting all the emotional stress aside, this works at a cost of £9.20 an hour so £276.00 for the year.

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